Friendships have an enormous affect on your health and level of success. The people whom you spend your most time, energy and focus on will have a strong influence on not only how you see yourself and also how you see the world. They also influence your self-esteem, attitudes and what level of activity you apply to building a significant life. . If you feel as if some of the people in your circle of friends are not supportive of you making positive decisions or choices for your life. Seem to make negative statements or accusations then it may well be time to take a step back and evaluate your relationship. True friends that have your best interests at heart may not always tell you what you want to hear or be what you expect them to be.
They will have a inner joy for you when good things happening in your life. They will be the first to congratulate for you when you win that award or are recognized for your performance.
They will mourn your losses with you whilst supporting you to happier times.
A positive friend will not impose their ideas onto you, they will share their life experiences whilst listening intently to yours.
Most of all they will give you space to breathe and be you.
7 Ways to Attract Positive Friends
It is important to recognize that it is not necessarily bad to have a 锘縩egative thought, or someone bringing up some of the things that may go wrong. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a negative person. Each of us have a degree of positive and negative thoughts, sometimes even behaviours. It is about recognizing these, understanding then to implement strategies that will turn something that may well appear negative into a positive outcome. Also there will be times when you will have put all the processes into place, having to sit back and believe everything will work out.
1.Be Positive: Being 锘縫ositive doesn’t mean walking around with rose coloured glasses because things will go wrong. There will be upsets sometimes even arguments. It means to look for something good in the situation, person or event. Don’t allow yourself to think the worst.
2.Be Real, Be Honest: See things how they are: Not worse than they are or Better than they are, but How they are: This gives you a strong base to work from to move your life and relationships in a positive direction.
3.Don’t Gossip: Gossiping, putting people down is one of the best ways to detract positive friendships. So no getting off, on other people’s hardships, just allow it to be.
4.Never Lie: Lying is just such a turn off for a positive relationship because if there is a problem and you are lying about it, then it can’t be solved. With trust being a major component to attracting positive people into your life. Lying will certainly sabotage that.
5.Don’t Compare Yourself or Your Life with your Friends: Your life with someone else’s. The only time that this can be healthy is if someone is doing or achieving something that you would like to achieve. Then knowing that if they can do it so can you. Otherwise enjoy the differences in one another’s lives.
6.Care for Electric Tea Kettle Reviews You: Yes take care of yourself, be your best friend. Love yourself unconditionally, eat healthy nutritious foods, take charge of your emotions and thoughts to bring about feelings of gratitude, love and warmth into your life.
7.Don’t Take on other People’s Problems: This can sometimes be a difficult one, especially with family, spouses, children and so on. But an absolutely necessary one to develop positive friendships. Because you may have well worked through what they are going through, feeling really able to help. But unless they ask for this, JUST LISTEN. Then just allow it to be!!!!!
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