Learning the History of Running

Learning the History of Running

Running is viewed as one of the top healthiest habits in America. It is a method to lose weight, deal with depression and anxiety, get in shape, and obtain many other goals.

Running is defined as steadily moving forward with a spring step that causes both feet to leave the ground for a moment on each step. The key to know whether you are really running or not is whether or not both feet leave the ground.

Running has been a key part of human life since man started walking. It is believed that hunter-gatherers, such as the Tarahumara Indians located in Mexico, would run for about 15 to 75 miles on an average day during the hunt.

The most famous story that involves running is the story of Pheidippides. Pheidippides lived in the year 490 BC.

He was a “day-runner” by occupation. His story states that he ran 149 miles to tell Sparta of the Persian landing in Marathon.

He was given the task of getting Sparta’s help in the following war. Today, many scholars believe this story was embellished at best and a myth at worst.

Athens had horses and they could have sent someone on horseback. However, this story spawned the modern marathon.

The first marathon was 26 miles 385 yards long. It began in the 1896 at the Olympic Games in Athens.

The first race was run in honor Pheidippides’ story. Around the same time, running became real racing 3 hack tool an official school event.

Throughout the 1900s, running and track and field became an increasingly popular sport. One of the most famous people involved with running was Jesse Owens.

In 1936, he ran in the Nazi Germany Olympics. He won the 100-meter sprint, 200-meter sprint, and the 400-meter relay.

This was very disappointing to Hitler, who had hoped to prove that the Aryan race was the best through winning gold medals in these events. This was a memorable time period.

Later on others became famous for their running including George Sheehan, Bill Rodger, Jeff Galloway, Alberto Salazar, and Grete Waitz. Grete Waitz won nine New York City marathon races between 1978 and 1988.

She was the first woman to set the example for women to start running. There is a change in your body that occurs after you have started running for a while.

This is known as the runner’s high. This high is the feeling that everything is at peace and like you could run forever.

The runner’s high makes running addictive. Once you get to a certain point in running, it is relatively easy to keep going and stay in shape.

There are many benefits of running. The best part is that the harder or longer you run the more benefit you glean from the activity.

One of the main reasons people choose to run is to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight level. Studies have shown that people who run more than 50 miles per week have a much higher level of HDL cholesterol, which is the good kind of fat.

They also have much lower level of the triglyceride fat, which is the bad kind of fat. This means that their risk of heart disease was much lower as well.

Running involves burning share more content a high level of calories. This is why it is very effective for weight loss.

Other types of exercise are also effective for weight loss, but they do not burn as many calories as quickly. Studies have shown that running a mile will burn 30 percent more calories than walking the same mile.

Studies have also shown that those who run long distances on a regular basis have an average blood pressure reduction of 50 percent. As a result, they also experience a reduction in medications that help keep the blood pressure low.

In general, this means that they are more cardiorespiratory fit. The more cardiorespiratory fit you are, the stronger your heart is and the better you can pump blood.

The more aerobically fit a person it, the more their heart will be able to pump in blood and oxygen per beat. In addition, your muscles will absorb more oxygen.

These things are increased through a stimulation of enzymes and hormones that Check our website occurs through exercise. These things help the heart and muscles become more efficient.

Running is a great way to get in shape and lose weight. Humans were made for running, as is shown through the long history of running.